Note, the Trademark in OPD-HCD™ is not registered, it defines human capital management (HCM) and human capital development (HCD) derived from the spiritual model of humanity, the science of Dr Little.

Foundation science of Dr Little

Dr Little began work on his science in 1974, with 4 questions:

  • If we had an apt and accurate general theory of knowledge what would it tell us of knowledge and the relationship it makes with the objects of that knowledge?
  • If we had an apt and accurate general theory of psychology what would it tell us of two people having a conversation?
  • If we had an apt and accurate general theory of society, what would it tell us of the causal factors in society and the relationship of individual psychology to those causal factors?
  • There is only one actor, a person, so what are the relationships between the solution to the first three question?
  • Around 1985, he added a fifth question:

  • What is the human spirit and how is it linked to the human psyche?

He had successful solved all the question by 2005, refined his solution 2005-2012, and wrote the foundation book, The Origin of Consciousness, published on Social Science Research network 2016.

List of books and papers on Dr Little's science and its application in organizations, click here.

All papers and books are free in PDF. Books in print are available at lulu.com.

Research applying the science to improve performance in organizations

Dr Little and a small team researched applying his science to organization 2006-2017. He developed a team leadership software system derived from his science and proved it in clients in Auckland. The Global financial crash set back the program and business development. Then 2017 to present he has written up his detailed research findings, in a published in SSRN papers, books and developed into Senior Executive one-day workshops.

His work continues, to the depth of insight into people in organization we have today.

The fundamental of OPDI:

  • If we adopt and apply better ideas, we will get a better result.
  • If we choose to 'own' those ideas and implement them with conviction and passion, we will doubly (or more) get a better result.

OPD International (OPDI) Limited is a registered company in NZ. It holds the global distribution rights to the organizational technology derived from the science of Dr Graham Little.

View Graham discussing applying science to leadership: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6412841187308343296

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