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Why science rules

Imagine an artificial insemination technologist was asked to inseminate the herd. The farmer was late but when he arrived saw the technologist lift a cow's tail and spray the semen on the cow. Aghast, the farmer asked what are you doing? Inseminating the cows, the technician replied. The farmer stormed, but that is not the way, semen needs placed inside the cow. The technician frowned, this is my first herd, he said, and at the school they said put it inside, but my daddy taught me to always spray my semen on the outside.


  1. What is wrong with the technique being used by the technician?
  2. By applying a 'best practice' trial and error approach, the technician could discover better results achieved by spraying inside the cow's vagina? That is progress, but is it 'science'?
  3. The science of reproduction is understanding of penis, vagina, womb, egg, movement of sperm to egg, etc. Does this understanding enable the best possible result?
  4. If correct scientific understanding enables best possible result in artificial insemination in cows, is this a general result?

Refer: The Spiritual Model of Humanity (6) Why Science Rules (July 22, 2019). Available at SSRN:

Better science -> better technology -> better results

Dr Graham Little has developed improved social science, that when applied leads to the only scientific general theory of psychology ever developed. From this fundamental scientific base, Dr Little has (1) developed both technology of organization wide team leadership, trialled it, and proved it works. (2) developed the workshops to enable senior executives to adopt the technology that when applied by them will benefit both their organization and the people they lead. Applying OPD-HCD™ in your organization enables your team leaders to adopt a depth of scientific understanding that when applied via the technology will enable the greatest chance of greatest success.

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