Implementation Agreement

  • The size of the organization merely alters how it is implemented. Refer details of product depending on size of the organization: OPD-HCD™: Building the performance mindset
  • Implementation is proceeded by the Business Case spreadsheet giving payback projections and costs.
  • Implementation initiated by the Governance signing off the Business Case, acceptance of the terms of the Implementation Agreement, and payment of the first invoice.
  • Implementation Agreement, in PDF click here.

Implementation plan

  • There are clearly specified steps/tasks involved in implementation. Summary of the Implementation plan in PDF, click here. This summary does not include the training materials for Executive, team leaders and team members, this material merely listed as numbers in the plan.
  • With decades of experience, we know that every step can be important, and no matter the size of the organization each step needs thoughtfully examined and judged if applicable, or whether it can be shortened, and how.

Training of an OPD Qualified Facilitator (OPDQF)

OPD-HCD™ can only be implemented by OPDI trained and qualified facilitators. Training is full time for 4 weeks.

Try before you buy

One-day workshop: The Mind of the CEO, offered free to CEO's and Senior Executives delegated the responsibility for assessing the potential of applying OPD-HCD™ in the organization.

Business case payback proposal: OPDI Facilitator will work with the Senior Executive to do due diligence and build the business case to establish the potential of applying OPD-HCD™ in the organization.

Free talk to your Executive team.