Organization wide shift in mindset

All conduct understood as via the mind

Improving organization mind set is to ensure that all employees are focused on those action that enable greatest chance of greatest success in their assigned jobs. And that there is nothing in any aspect of the organizational conduct likely to erode full commitment of the person.

Corporate social responsibility

The human psyche consists of semi-independent units called mental sets. This means that work and social views can be separated. However, emotions can quite freely flow between the units, so how a person feels about work can be influenced by how they feel about the organization in society. This is described as 'where the employee meets the citizen'. Corporate social responsibility is the policy structure enabling a comfortable interaction in the mind of the employee over issues of organizational citizenship.

Clearing the clutter

HR, leadership, performance psychology, motivation, etc, are all topics with significant cultural offerings. By far the great bulk of the popular offerings are inconsistent with the technology derived from the science largely due there is no coherent science underlying any aspect of human conduct, hence popular notions have no scientific/intellectual validity.

Some of these offerings are more significant and corrosive than others. The worst referred to as 'clutter'.

Executive, team leaders and team members will have minds potentially full of 'clutter'. Often, they have applied it and it worked for them. But the issue is not the success achieved, but the success that could have been achieved if they had applied better ideas, such as those derived form OPD-HCD™. if people left with choices, they will apply that which they know and most understand, so if left to chance they will apply the clutter and will not apply the new technology.

Hence, as a crucial aspect of the initial implementation it is necessary to clear the clutter.

OPD-HCD™ is not compatible with most of that currently accepted as 'HR best practice'. Therefore, the leading stages of implementation involve people throwing out the clutter in their minds and replacing it with the scientifically based OPD-system™.

Summary of the clutter to be cleared, in PDF, click here.

One-minute video: Improve focus, engagement & work-life fulfilment (2) everything changes.

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