OPD-HCD™ is a cloud-based IT system managed by OPDI providing advice to OPDI Authorised Facilitators assigned to the client to build and maintain a range of HR key performance indicators (HRKPIs) as leading indicators of profitability and staff satisfaction. The HRKPIs are leadership team performance technology derived from the fundamental science of Dr Graham Little (refer OPD-HCD™ provides access to the cloud-based IT system, the Facilitation is provided by the OPDI business partner.

The only proactive HR system adding value, not merely protecting the value that exists. Adds value, if and only if all other HR policy bought into line.

OPD-HCD™ is the application of a scientific analysis of humanity to build unique technology that when applied builds and maintains crucial human values in teams enabling increased results and improved staff work-life satisfaction.

It follows that OPD-HCD™ derived from the science is the only scientific system of linking people to the organization. The correct science enables identify the correct leadership action that enable greatest chance of greatest success.

What does OPD-HCD™ do?

The OPD-system™ delivers increased alignment between strategy and team member daily conduct in every job across the organization, resulting in improved roll out of strategy.

The system increases the percentage of the right thing done at the right time in the right place to the right standard, resulting in immediate performance gains and increase in work life fulfilment arising from the success.

Summary: Tightened alignment of daily conduct of staff with strategy.

Resulting in: (1) Increased results, financial and non-financial. (2) Increased staff satisfaction.

NB: OPD Facilitation Consultants MUST be certified, and our methodology applied to our exacting standards, building mutual trust, respect, and an attitude of professional self-responsibility. Only then do we guarantee results for the client. Crucial human values managed via our HRKPIs.

Introductory brochures:
OPD Theory system overview
Why does OPD-HCD deliver a better result than other systems
Making work a fulfilling part of life
OPD-HCD Small Business Development
OPD-HCD Medium Business Development
OPD-HCD Corporate Development
Becoming a Business Partner
Business Partner Agreement
OPD leadership workshops (refer Science based leadership page for more information)

To explore being a business partner, download the paper 'Becoming a Business Partner'.

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