Scientific background

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More satisfied staff

  • achieving better results;
  • feeling valued and supported by their team leader;
  • having fun, enjoying their day at work;

Would they be more satisfied and fulfilled in their work life? ... Yes!
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Improved results

  • Before OPD-HCD™: Revenue $1000, costs $900. Profit $100.
  • After OPD-HCD™: Revenue +3%, $1030, costs -3%, $899.2, Profit $130.8
  • 30% increase in profits after OPD-HCD™ costs.

OPD-HCD™ increases personal ownership, and tightens focus and engagement, producing increase in productivity and efficiency.
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Try before you buy

Do you want to know if it will work in your organization?
Request details of The Mind of the CEO workshops near you. Free to Senior Executives exploring OPD-HCD™.
Do you want to know if it will payback for you?
Request a business-case proposal.
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What clients say

  • improves goal achievement and staff success;
  • builds more focused and positive teams, definitely showing up in financial returns;
  • positive impact on team and business results;
  • improved financials whole team celebrating more and enjoying it more;
  • improved business, excellent value for money supported by excellent and prompt service and support.
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Teams involve people; therefore, the correct science of people will enable greater insight into linking people to the organization.
The science of Dr Graham Little is the global intellectual breakthrough enabling the first true scientific system of human capital management (HCM).
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Global competitive advantage

Science identifies better ideas leading to better technology producing better results. This web site an example of the technological leap forward enabled by the science of quantum theory.
Dr Little's science enables the HCM technology OPD-HCD™ offering a leap forward in managing organizations.
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OPD-HCD™: Building the performance mindset

Builds team leader-team member relationship and maintains it by regular supportive exchange and ensuring the team member is enjoying their day and is being successful.
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Organization wide shift in mindset

OPD-HCD™ aligns minds with strategy hence tightens on-the-job action in relation to strategy.
Imagine the strategy as a colour. Now imagine every person with their game plan for their job as a variation on that colour. Every person then aligned with what they need to do to build greatest chance of greatest success.
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The science of HR success

The scientific general theory of psychology built by applying the methodology of Dr Little, is the only scientific understanding of human psychology ever created.
It follows that OPD-HCD™ is the only scientific system of linking people to the organization.
Applying OPD-HCD™ will benefit:
  • people,
  • leadership team,
  • governance,
  • and investors.
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Science based leadership: Senior Executive one-day workshops

  1. Improve understanding of the science, and how to apply it.
  2. Identify specific things to do immediately to lift results.

Each workshop based on one of Dr Little's books.
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Improved strategic rollout

OPD-HCD™ achieves the result by:
  1. Lifting the level of 'ownership' exercised by each person in the delivery of their job.
  2. Tightening the focus of the job on actions, called ideal actions, that offer greatest chance of greatest strategic success.

These results achieved in any sized organization, in any industry.
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The goal is always the same for 2 to 2,000,000+ staff:
Every person clear on what they need do in their agreed assigned role to fulfil their contribution to strategic success and is committed to doing it.

Implementation is designed to achieve the goal.
There are plans for implementation in all sized organizations (2-2,000,000+).
The goal never changes, size merely alters how it is achieved.
Achieving organization wide shift in mindset, supported by team leaders, typically takes 15-18 months to become consolidated habit.

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